by Constraint

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released May 4, 2017

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Isaac Hale.



all rights reserved


Constraint Louisville, Kentucky

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a nation sunken into division by a madman with a supremacist vision
I still can't seem to comprehend the absolute madness in the folly of man
it doesn't take a college education to see through the racebaiting manipulation

playing into the hands of the true elite
the abusive hands of a complete creep
coercing fear to win an election
creating a culture of subjugation

so i ask my fellow subjects "did you learn your lesson are you fucking done yet?"
Track Name: HXT
is it my imagination or have we finally found something worth living for
it's a crazy situation to get your hands on something so beautiful
and then turn it into something so fucking terrible
this is not for mass appeal
it's for a demographic of youth who can't seem to deal
so if you think some stupid subtweet makes any real difference
then I'm fucking sorry charlie you are here for the wrong reasons

our existence against the outside
but you'd rather squabble within the ranks to try to hide
your lack of understanding for this
because you know deep down your not down with it

this ain't your fucking place to say
you're a fucking tourist just waiting to fade away

so stop trying to lay some blame
before somebody puts you in your fucking place
Track Name: FALSE FLAG
It's gotten way too common for everyone to be uncommon
When every single person feels the need to be different
differences tend to lose their intent

when you fly a false flag just to appear to be woke you turn everything it represents into a fucking joke
just who the fuck are you to think someone needs their problem to be addressed by you
no really who are you and why does it matter for you to approve?

you live under a false flag

I think it's your privilege you should be checkin
cause if it comes to blows you are sure to be steppin

cancel your subscriptions to struggles that you don't belong in
simply offer support to their plight and don't attempt to steal the spotlight
traded in your hoods and burning crosses
for a bundle of memes and kept your fucked up logic
there is no deeper message to anything you preach
except the overwhelming declaration of white superiority

I've had it with your back to africa crap
maybe you should be the ones to go back
like it or not this is a melting pot
but you can't blend your need to offend
a stick in the mud or a fly in the ointment
just fuck off because you don't mean shit

you are nothing but disease
I think you should fucking leave

so go tie a noose like your grandad used to
then we can go find a tree and I can use it on you